TESS-2: TESS announced the discovery of its second planet candidate

TESS-2: A hot ultra-short-period planet orbiting the cool red M dwarf LHS 3844.

NASA’s TESS telescope just announced the discovery of a hot new planets less than 49 lightyears away – a hot Earth-sized planet orbiting the cool red M dwarf LHS 3844 in just 11 hours. CSI member Lisa Kaltenegger is part of the team and an author of the paper. The paper can be found on the preprint server astroph: TESS DISCOVERY OF AN ULTRA-SHORT-PERIOD PLANET AROUND THE NEARBY M DWARF LHS 3844. LHS 3844b may even be orbiting a low-luminosity secondary star.
TESS just started observations in July. These first detections were part of the open TESS alert system