Researchers from 4 Colleges and 14 departments at Cornell make up the interdisciplinary team of the Carl Sagan Institute, including: Astronomy and Planetary Science (APS), Earth and Atmospheric Science (EAS), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), Communication (Comm), Science and Technology Studies (S&TS), Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE), College of Agriculture and Life Science (CALS), Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), Applied and Engineering Physics (AEP), Computer Science (CS), Information Science (SCI), Music (MUS), Statistics (Stat)


Associate Faculty: Toby Ault (EAS), David Chernoff (AEP), Paulette Clancy (CBE), James Cordes (APS), Lou Derry (EAS), Peter Diamesses (CEE), Esteban Gazel (EAS), Carla Gomes (CS, SCI), Alex Hayes (APS,EAS), Andrew Hicks (MUS), Lisa Kaltenegger (APS), Dong Lai (APS), Bruce Lewenstein (Comm, S&TS), Nikole Lewis (APS), James Lloyd (APS), Ellis Loew (CVM), Richard Lovelace (AEP,APS), Jonathan Lunine (APS), Phil Nicholson (APS), Mason Peck (MAE), William Douglas Philpot (CEE), Matt Pritchard (EAS), Ruth Richardson (CEE), David Rupert (Stat), Dmitry Savransky (MAE), Bart Selman (CS), Abraham Stroock (CBE), Will White (EAS), Steve Zinder (CALS)

Faculty & Researcher Emeritus: Joseph Burns (APS, MAE), Peter Gierasch (APS, EPS), Yervant Terzian (APS) & Elaina McCartney (APS)

Science Board: Alex Hayes, Bruce Lewenstein, James LloydJonathan LunineMason Peck, Matt Pritchard, Dmitry Savransky, Steve Zinder, Ann Druyan


Research Associates: Shami Chatterjee (APS), Maryame El Moutamid (APS), Illeana Gomez-Leal (APS), Siddharth Hegde (APS), Tom Loredo (APS), Jack O’Malley-James (APS), Marina Romanova (APS), Ramses Ramirez (ELSI, Tokyo), Sarah Rugheimer (St. Andrews, UK)

Graduate students: Kassandra Anderson (APS), Paul Corlies (APS), Thea Kozakis (APS), Jack Madden (APS), Ishan Mishra (APS), Akshay Suresh (APS), Ngoc Truong (EAS), Peiyu Wu (EAS), Whyjay Zheng (EAS).


Undergraduate students: Andy, Dang, Karen, Robert, Zifan


Research Support:  George Gull (APS), Zoe Learner (APS), Pam Smith (APS)


Cornell Center for Astrophysics & Planetary Sciences (CCAPS) Administration:









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