Do you want to know if the movie "Interstellar" gets it right?

Want to know if Interstellar gets it right? Sarah Rugheimer discussed the movie Interstellar on a panel at Loews Movie Theater on Boston Commons on Friday 8pm (14 November).
Sarah: Interstellar, produced by Kip Thorne and directed by Christopher Nolan, is a movie in a distopian future where we increasingly focus on maintenance and self-preservation rather than solving our biggest problems through science and exploration. The moon landing is deemed a “fake” to “remind us of the excesses of the 20th century.” A renegade NASA comprised of only a handful of scientists manage to find a wormhole and an invitation to 12 other potentially habitable worlds for humanity to colonize. In the panel, we didn’t discuss the science of the movie per say, which has already been done extensively in Kip Thorne’s book “The Science of Interstellar”. Rather we focused on our own research interests in exoplanets, habitability, gravity, and black holes. The exiting part of the real world is that we are at the brink of finding close-by habitable worlds and in the next few decades, hope to characterize their atmospheres. We are also learning about the environments of accretion disks orbiting black holes, and are coming closer to linking quantum field theory with general relativity.

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