4 Open Faculty Positions:

Astronomy & Planetary Science: Tenure track position open – includes Exoplanet Science & Observations linked to CSI (Nov 10 2016)

Earth & Atmospheric Science: 2 tenure track positions on planet & exoplanet 1) interior (Nov 20 2016) and 2) atmospheres (Jan 3 2017)

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering: 1 faculty position (Nov 30 2016)

Several open research associate & postdoc positions:

Exoplanets & their atmosphere (w. Lisa Kaltenegger) (review of candidates start Nov 10 2016)

Research Associate in Theoretical Astrophysics: Exoplanets, Disks and Compact Objects (W. Dong Lai) (Dec 15 2016)


In general:

The Carl Sagan Institute engages in a wide range of exciting science and takes an interdisciplinary approach (see the team of researchers for specific research topics).

If you have a good idea contact us (Jill Tarbell, CSI administrator) – we have several opportunities to work on a short or longer term basis and are looking for excellent candidates to fill those positions (positions are also announced periodically on AAS).

Summer internships for students: The Carl Sagan Institute is part of Cornells Astronomy REU program. Just fill in that you would like to work at CSI when applying to Cornell’s REU summer intern program.

Internship for highschool students: The Highschool internship program is handled by Cornell, just select CSI for your placement in the application

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