ERES 2 Conference poster

ERES 2 Conference poster

Emerging Researchers in Exoplanet Science Symposium at Cornell June 13-14 2016

Young researchers in exoplanet science will present research and discuss emerging ideas in the field at the second annual Emerging Researchers in Exoplanet Science Symposium (ERES), to be held at Cornell University June 13-14. The symposium will be an opportunity to discuss ideas from an interdisciplinary perspective and rethink what we know about planets in and outside our Solar System. Email for more information.

ERES is aimed at early career scientists (graduate students, postdocs, advanced undergraduates) working in all branches of exoplanetary science and related disciplines, such as planetary science, engineering, biology, and related instrumentation and theory. The symposium will give emerging researchers the opportunity to present their research and network with peers, with the goal of enhancing collaborations within the exoplanet community.

ERES is held annually on a rotating basis between partner institutions. In 2015 it was held at Pennsylvania State University; in 2017 it will be held at Yale University. The 2016 meeting is supported by the Carl Sagan Institute.


REGISTRATION FORM (early registration deadline April 20)

REGISTRATION FEE (45$ by April 20, 60$ after April 20)

ABSTRACT DEADLINE (May 29, 2016):       TALK submission        POSTER submission

HOTEL INFORMATION (Best Western Ithaca, book yourself (call 607/272-6100): a block of room is reserved at a special conference rate for the nights of June 12-14, mention ERES II at registration) DEADLINE May 19room mate search form here.

TRAVEL support: some travel support is available (indicate in registration form if you would need some), deadline April 20 like early registration

SCHEDULE (available on June 1)

PROGRAM (available on June 1)

Sunday evening 7pm, meet & greet social; Mon & Tue: 9:30am-6:00pm

PARTICIPANTS (to be updated)

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Arthur Adams Yale University
Matthew Alessi McMaster University
Kassandra Anderson Cornell University
Natasha Batalha Pennsylvania State University
Sarah Blumenthal NASA GSFC
Sara Camnasio CUNY Hunter College
Ryan Cloutier University of Toronto
Alex Cridland McMaster University
Paul Dalba Boston University
Allen Davis Yale University
Christian Delacroix SIOSlab, Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Andrew Foster University of Central Florida / Cornell University
Illeana Gomez Leal Carl Sagan Institute. Cornell University
Michael Hammer University of Arizona
Siddharth Hegde Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Savannah Jacklin Fisk/Vanderbilt University
Jonathan Jackson Pennsylvania State University
Lisa Kaltenegger Carl Sagan Institute. Cornell University
Thea Kozakis Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Dong Lai Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Rejean LeBlanc University of Toronto
Amit Levi Harvard University
James Lloyd Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Jacob Luhn Pennsylvania State University
Michael Lund Vanderbilt University
Jack Madden Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Sean Marshall Cornell University
Sarah McKenzie-Picot McMaster University
Robert Morehead Pennsylvania State University
Diego Munoz Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Jack O’Malley-James Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Daisi Onetufo Society Health Magazine Limited
Adiv Paradise University of Toronto
Ryan Petersburg Yale University
Michael Pu Cornell University
Aleksandar Rachkov University of Toronto Scarborough
Ramses Ramirez Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University
Alexander Richert Penn State; NASA Goddard
Joseph Rodriguez Vanderbilt University
Arpita Roy Pennsylvania State University
Erin Scott University of Rochester
Ari Silburt University of Toronto
Margot Smith McMaster University
Gabriel Soto Cornell University
Gudmundur Stefansson Pennsylvania State University
Hari Subedi Princeton University
Michelle Vick Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science
Hannah Wakeford NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Matthew Webber MIT
Angie Wolfgang Pennsylvania State University
John Zanazzi Cornell University
Li Zeng Harvard University