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Happy Birthday – Carl Sagan’s “Lost Lecture”

credit Cornell
Carl Sagan at Cornell

We are celebrating Carl Sagan’s birthday, by sharing his “lost lecture”… the talk he gave at his 60th birthday symposium at Cornell, a recording which was recently uncovered and never shown until today.

Then, seven years ago, Cornell Public Affairs Officer Linda Mikula got a request from to provide an interesting talk by Carl Sagan. In her search for something besides the usual, she happened upon an archived Sony Betacam tape that turned out to have Sagan’s “lost” 1994 lecture on it.
When Anne Druyan referred to that lost lecture as her late husband’s “finest talk” during Cornell’s 2017 celebration of the Voyager mission’s 40th anniversary, Mikula remembered the tape. She brought the recording to the attention of the Carl Sagan Institute, which partnered with Cornell Broadcast Studios to edit the raw footage.
The formerly lost lecture is now available to all on the Carl Sagan Institute Youtube channel:

Today is the perfect day to celebrate his vision, which inspired Cornell’s Carl Sagan Institute.

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