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CSI: papers published: Exciting spin-orbital mis-alignments in hot Jupiters

Resonant excitation of stellar obliquities by hot and warm Jupiters with external companions

Gives an overview of the science researchers at CSI are doing: CSI members Kassandra Anderson and Dong Lai just published their new paper in MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 480 (1):1402-1414; 10.1093/mnras/sty1937 OCT 2018

Stellar spin-orbit misalignments (obliquities) in hot Jupiter may reveal clues about their dynamical histories. Common explanations for generating obliquities include high-eccentricity migration and primordial disc misalignment. This paper investigates another mechanism for producing stellar spin-orbit misalignments in systems hosting a close-in planet with an external, inclined companion. For Hot Jupiters obliquity excitation requires a strong perturber, usually a giant planet located within 1-2 Astronomical Units. For warm Jupiters obliquity excitation can be due to a distant giant planet perturbers at several to tens of Astronomical Units.

E-mail: Kassandra Anderson:

Kassandra Anderson, Astronomy & Planetary Sciences

Dong Lai, Astronomy & Planetary Science