Public Talk Today at Fuertes Observatory Cornell 7:30pm

Exoplanet Habitable Zones: An Overview of the “Goldilocks Zone”

Dr. Ramses Ramirez, Carl Sagan Institute Research Associate

November 04, 2016 , 7:30pm

Over the past two decades, thousands of exoplanets (planets orbiting stars other than our Sun) have been discovered by ground-based telescopes and space-telescopes (most famously the Kepler Space Telescope). Better technology is allowing astronomers to detect smaller and more extreme exoplanets than ever before, and the diversity of the planets discovered thus far is astonishing. Some of the most exciting findings have been the discovery of several rocky, “Earth-like” planets in the Habitable (“Goldilocks”) Zones of their parent stars (i.e. ability for liquid water to exist on the surface). On November 4th in the Fuertes Observatory Classroom, Dr. Ramirez from Cornell’s Carl Sagan Institute will discuss many of the intriguing planets found in the Habitable Zone, how they are being studied, and the prospect of possibly finding alien life on a planet light years away from the Earth.