Kickstarter Project to reissue Golden Record & support the Carl Sagan Institute

Kickstarter image of the reissue of the Golden Record (copyright Ozma Records)

Cornell astronomer and science educator Carl Sagan chaired the visionary committee that created the original Voyager Golden Record – the story of Earth expressed in sounds, images and science – 40 years ago. Voyager I entered interstellar space in 2013. It’s now almost 13 billion miles away from Earth.

To celebrate Voyager’s 40th anniversary next year, a lavish box set recreates the documentation sent into space, which includes spoken greetings in 55 human languages, one whale language and more than 100 images encoded in analog.

A Kickstarter campaign has launched to reissue the Voyager Golden Records, and 20 percent of net proceeds will benefit the Carl Sagan Institute: Pale Blue Dot and Beyond.

by Linda Glaeser