Two hot Venus planets around TRAPPIST 1 look rocky

artists impression of the planets around TRAPPIST 1 (credit NASA,ESA, Bacon)

Scientists just published the first transit spectra of the two innermost transiting planets TRAPPIST 1b and TRAPPIST 1c, that are part of 3 small planets orbiting a young red star called TRAPPIST 1 about 40 lightyears away from the Sun. The two planets get more heat from their star than Venus does from our Sun, making them really interesting hot Venus. How does a hot Venus looks like? Trappist 1b and Trappist 1c don’t have an extended hydrogen atmosphere – as expected due to their size and their closeness to their star. Hubble observations confirmed that. Now we have to wait for bigger telescopes to explore the atmosphere of these hot Venus planets – the denser the atmosphere of an exoplanet, the bigger the telescope needed to characterize it. Interesting times ahead….

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