Pluto update by one of the New Horizon scientists Ann Harch

I wanted to share this email by Ann, who is with the amazing New Horizon team working now to get the best images of Pluto. She shows how much every scientist loves this exploration of space, that we all are part of…

” 9: 40AM EST: As I write, the New Horizons spacecraft is >3 billion miles away from us approximately 80 minutes after closest approach with Pluto. All of the lit side closest approach imaging is completed now, and the data stored on the recorder, for better or worse! It’s surreal to think that the intrepid little spacecraft that we humans sent off into the darkness should right now be flying through the shadow of Pluto cast by a very very distant sun. It should have the high gain antenna pointed to where the earth will emerge from behind the body of Pluto and hopefully pick up radio signals sent from the earth earlier this morning.”

Safe travel to our spacecraft New Horizon….

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