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Introducing: Carl Sagan Institute: Pale Blue Dot and Beyond

The Carl Sagan Institute: Pale Blue Dot and Beyond was founded in 2015 at Cornell University to further the search for habitable planets and moons in and outside our Solar System. Directed by astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger, the Institute has built an entirely new interdisciplinary research group, focused on the characterization of planets and moons – inside and outside the Solar System – and the instruments to search for signs of life in the universe.

For more information, please see About and Research.


  1. I wrote this a few months ago and am happy to give it as you wish.

    Pale Blue Dot

    In darkness sings cheery nightingale,
    Sweetly soothing the vast solitude.
    ‘Neath Aristotle’s celestial veil,
    Marking terrestrial mover moved.


    (inspiration from Pale Blue Dot, Sagan, PB Shelley’s poetry, and Aristotle’s ‘unmoved mover’)

  2. Yovanni Catano May 13, 2015 at 2:09 am

    This is fantastic!

    Congratulations to all involved in the foundation of the Institute and all the best wishes for finding life out there! I wish I could be involved in such a formidable endeavor.

  3. 2015, what is the state of affairs in terms of exoplanets?
    The dawn is behind us, it is 20 years ago that we have certainty, there sparkle not only star but billions of solar systems. Slowly us the morning approaches, more and more exoplanets in the habitable zone are detected.
    If the dusk are employed, we have contact with the first extraterrestrial civilization

  4. My son was hoping to attend the inauguration event with me in May, but an illness made that impossible. He is visiting around July 4th, and we are wondering if there is a place on campus, open to visitors, where we might come to experience some of the exciting work that the Institute is pursuing.

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